About Our Golf Course

Bloomer Memorial Golf Course was originally designed in 1930 by Gus Norman and is a city owned course. It began as a 9 hole course and in 1992 another 9 was added through a generous donation by Dr. Merne Asplund (Doc) and his wife Mary. The second 9 opened in 1994. In 1998, the land for a new clubhouse was donated by Doc's son Matt and a new clubhouse and cart shed were constructed through another donation by Doc and Mary. In 1999, the clubhouse and cart shed were opened for use. We would like to sincerely thank Doc and his family for all of the donations to this golf course and community. 

Right now, the course is leased by the City of Bloomer to Elmer Erickson. This year will be the 13th year Elmer has been at the course and he and his staff take pride in the way the course is manicured. Bloomer Golf Course is proud of its staff and the experience they bring. If you want to learn something new or hear a few good jokes, stop by for coffee in the morning and Al Bircham is sure to entertain. 

Our Pro Shop

Our pro shop offers most of the products you will need to start your day golfing. Products include tees, golf balls, gloves, hats, shirts, and other golf apparel. If there is something you cannot find here, ask Elmer or Kari and they will try to help you find what you need. Bloomer Golf also offers a small selection of golf clubs made by Jim's Golf Repair of Bloomer. If you are interested in a new club or set of clubs, contact Jim at (715) 568-1342